About Us

Our purpose and passion is to make your medical cases more winnable.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have the  experience, insight and skills to cut through the medical jargon in your personal injury or medical malpractice case.

Our analysis and organization of the medical data  is translated into professional written reports with recommendations.

We will also research the current medical literature and standards of care to support your strategy in depositions and trial.  We read between the lines and quickly identify what is missing.   We identify what medical information you do not have and will need to request in discovery.  We can  determine the types of medical experts you will need in trial to support your arguments.

We offer over 30 different services that can support your strategic arguments and greatly enhance your strategic position in trial.

We can screen your personal injury and medical malpractice cases to quickly weed out those that do not have merit saving you time and money.  We are one of your most cost effective tools in winning a case.

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