Why Partner with a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Attorneys are the legal experts.  Legal Nurse Consultants are experts on the healthcare system and its inner workings.  Increase your income while decreasing the time required to get a case to the point of negotiating a settlement.  We are your most cost effective partner for reviewing medical documentation and translating the terminology into logical written evaluations.   You need a legal nurse consultant the moment a potential medical malpractice or personal injury case comes in.

We can assist you by

  • interviewing the potential client
  • assist you with discovery by preparing interrogatories and requests for production
  • help you with assessing injuries and identifying causation issues and contributing factors
  • point out potential defendants
  • attend and report on independent medical examinations
  • serve as your liaison by interviewing, preparing clients, key witnesses and experts
  • prepare questions for deposition or trial examination (direct or cross)
  • facilitate preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence.

Every medical record is mired in thousands of tedious bits of information.  Who has the special knowledge to wade through that tangle and uncover the crucial facts that will win your case?   We do.

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